About Link @ Ghana

  • Link @ Ghana began its operation in Ghana in 2011 with the purpose of being a leading distributor and supplier of Information Technology products to Partners and Resellers in Ghana. Link started with the aim of partnering with manufacturers of quality products and to be the
    key driver of technology revolution across Ghana.
  • We have built a product portfolio ranging from Networking, Printers, Projectors and Presentation, UPS, Software, Trunking and Accessories, We have tied up with leading manufacturers to provide their products to the ever growing Ghanaian market.
  • Our primary focus is to reach out to companies and resellers in Ghana to service all of their I.T requirements. Our experience in the Ghana market enables us to provide help and support to our customers to achieve their desired goals.
  • We are aware that our customers have a choice and we make every effort to ensure that they stay with us. We do this by offering them competitive prices, market leading products and above all, unrivalled service. At Link, we have trained knowledgeable and courteous staff to help our customers to make the right choice for their requirements.
  • Partnership is our strength - partnership with our suppliers and our customers. The strong partnership we create with our suppliers enables us to be at the forefront of I.T distribution, offering market leading products and cutting edge solutions to meet today's I.T challenges. This enables us to offer our customers tailored solutions with the back up and support needed to grow their business.
  • Aim

  • To be recognised as leading I.T distributor of market leading brands in Ghana.
    Being a technology company our aim is to the supply quality products from reputed manufacturers and supporting the same proactively through highly trained and motivated workforce.
  • Motto

  • Providing "Technology into Africa"
    The "Technology into Africa" tagline is based on our aim, vision and mission to make technology affordable to the mass market - consumer and small to medium business - in Ghana - so that everyone can realize the benefits of technology.
  • Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to make a positive difference to the people in Ghana by striving to provide the best products and solutions from leading manufacturers in the field of Technology.
  • To be the distributor of choice for the leading manufacturer's - to enable them to build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost effective distribution channel
  • To provide our diverse base of customers with products and solutions that meets their demand with competitive prices and excellent service.
  • Core Values

  • Our core values underpin the way we work:

    Integrity: We are open and honest in all our dealings. We inspire trust by saying and doing what we mean. We value honesty and transparency above monetary interests.
  • Communication: We promote communication as a tool to success - communication with our customers and suppliers.
  • Agility: We strive to keep pace with the latest developments in technology and products - thereby providing our customers with up to date information, products and advice.
  • Honour: We honour people as a strategic asset which defines who we are.
  • Fairness: We offer fair prices for our products and services and work to be the best in the market. We promote fairness in the way we deal with our customers, suppliers and each other.
  • Excellence: We believe that excellence is a way of life and we strive to be excellent in everything we do.
  • Service: Service is the corner stone of our values and reason for our success.
  • Team

  • We have a team of professionals who are dedicated to promoting and selling the products that we currently distribute for a number of manufacturers. Our team understands the needs of our customers enabling us to provide the right products, solutions and technical help and to enable them to make the right choice.
  • Our team is driven by our core values - Integrity, Honesty, Fairness and Excellence. Service plays an important role in our team's day to day dealings with our suppliers and customers.