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D-Link DVX-8010 - Expansion module for DVX-8000/DVX-9000 for max 4 modular interface
  • Key Features
    • The DVX-8010 is the control module of each Telephony module. The module communicates with the Asterisk┬« server, and an internal SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) to communicate with the internal Telephony modules.
    • The DVX-8010 produces 3.3 VDC needed to run all the modules and the special telephony voltages (-24 to -30 volts for analog telephones normal operation and -80 to -92 Volts for the ring current). The module uses 12 VDC at a maximum current of 5 Ampere. A large scale integration FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) runs the firmware, which coordinates all the logic and timing events necessary to run the Astribank.
    • The USB 2.0 interface supports a theoretical data flow of 480 Mbits/second. The maximum number of telephony channels supported by a single DVX-8010 is 144
      (4 E1/T1 PRI channels + 24 analog channels). When used with the DVX-8000, the maximum channels supported is 54 (1 E1/T1 PRI channel + 24 analog channels).
    • Each eMain module is capable of running the hardware-based echo canceller module. This echo cancellation module can support up to 144 channels. The eMain module can support up to four Telephony modules and a cooling fan.
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