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D-Link DNR-312L/E - 9-Channel, 1 Bay (Upto 4TB HDD) Professional Cloud Network Video Recorder (NVR) for D-Link with HDMI Interface Direct TV Output, USB Port
  • Key Features
    • View from Anywhere
      View your cameras from anywhere on your phone, tablet, or PC.
    • Mix & Match Up to 9 Cameras
    • View, Record, Playback 9 Cameras at the Same Time
    • The More Detail The Better
      Supports HD up to 3 megapixel resolution.
    • Record Months at a Time
      Set it and forget it. Your old video is automatically overwritten by new video.
    • Better Than DVR
      NVR means flexible camera placement, even in remote locations. No need for hard-wired, local-only setups.
    • View Multiple Locations
      Secure and monitor multiple stores or franchises from one app.
    • Plug-N-Play Setup
      Automatically finds and starts recording cameras.
    • Easy Export
      Quickly and easily export video from your NVR, PC, or USB drive to the authorities, and save snapshots to show faces and other details.
    • Back It Up Your Way
      Schedule back ups or perform them manually, and save footage to your NAS, FTP, or HDD.
    • Two Way Audio
      Talk through the mic jack on your mydlink Video Recorder out to any D-Link speaker-enabled camera.
    • Better Compression = More Storage
      Supports multiple video compression formats including H.264 to maximize recording density.
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