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D-Link DNR-326/E - 9-Channel 2 Bay professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) for D-Link and 3rd party IP cameras
  • Key Features
    • The answer to expensive, outdated analogue CCTV surveillance systems has arrived. When coupled with D-Link’s high-resolution and feature rich network cameras or those of other brands, the DNR-326 2-Bay Professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) offers a comprehensive video display, storage, and management solution. D-Link’s DNR-326 provides reliable high-quality remote monitoring functionality at a fraction of the cost of conventional surveillance systems.
    • Instant Live View
      Link’s intuitive GUI interface simplifies viewing live and recorded video from the NVR. The camera status page shows connection and recording status.
    • Live Monitoring & Camera Adjustment
      Users are provided with a variety of options for viewing and organising camera footage on-screen. For a system with multiple channels, users can simply drag and drop selected cameras to the viewing area.
    • Extensive Recording Functionality
      A clear single-page interface assists with configuration including compression, resolution and frame rate for all connected cameras. The NVR records video from up to nine local and remote network cameras.
    • Powerful Event Management
      The NVR centrally controls the digital output, e-mail notifications, and recording for all the connected cameras.
    • Intelligent Playback
      Searching through recorded data can be tedious and frustrating. However, the NVR’s Smart Search function makes detecting notable events effortless.
    • Complete Network Functionality
      The D-Link NVR takes advantage of existing network architecture, using features such as PPPoE and ADSL services. The NVR can acquire an IP address from a DHCP server to become easily searchable during installation.
    • D-ViewCam NVR Software
      The D-ViewCam NVR software bundled with the D-Link NVR consists of five main components: Playback Manager, Backup and File Manager, Verification Tool, NVR Search, and Multi-NVR Viewer.
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