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D-Link DNR-329 - 9-Channel, Network Video Recorder (NVR) with HDMI, VGA interface direct TV output, 2 x USB Port, 2HDD bay, direct camera keys, EU plug
  • Key Features
    • The DNR-329 is a video coding and recording product especially designed for the video monitoring field, combining H.264 video compression, large capacity HDD storage, TCP/IP network, embedded Linux operating system and other various advanced electronic information technologies, realizing high-quality image and low bit rate recording features and favourable system stability. The DNR-329 meets the standard of GB 20815-2006 “Video Security Surveillance Digital Video Device” issued by the government. It has functions including recording, playback and monitoring simultaneously, realizing synchronous video and audio, with advanced control technology and powerful network data transmission ability.
    • Supports megapixel HD network video preview, storage and playback
    • Supports digital zooming under preview and playback modes
    • Supports search, playback and backup by event
    • Supports 4ch playback simultaneously
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