• Eaton UPS


Eaton SNMP CARD for DX 1-20 Kva
  • Key Features
    • The Eaton E Series DX SNMP Card Is an interface between UPS and the network. It can obtain the status from a UPS and issue commands to it. WebPower supports two kinds of protocol SNMP and HTTP for user access. Through the SNMP NMS and Web Browser, user can obtain the UPS status, issue commands to UPS and setting up WebPower through the network.
    • Network connection through RJ45 connector
      Allows connection of the UPS directly to the network through a RJ45 connector without using RS232 ports on the computer and without loading any individual UPS management software on the network server.
    • Network UPS management
      Allows remote management of the UPS from any workstation through Internet or Intranet.
    • Remote UPS monitoring via SNMP, HTTP and JAVA applets
      Allows monitoring of the UPS using WebPower MIB (Management Information Base) – provided with WebPower, Internet Browser or Java monitoring applets.
    • Configure UPS and WebPower functions from any client (password protected)
      Set UPS and WebPower parameters from any SNMP management station or through Internet Browsers using HTTP forms and objects.
    • Monitor power quality via Java Applets
      Provides visual indication on screen through dynamic graphics.
    • Keep event logs & metering data in flash memory
      Provides a history file of UPS power events, power quality, UPS status and battery condition.
    • Automatic shutdown
      The shutdown software included provides automatic orderly shutdown either pre-programmed by Administrator or when critical power events.
    • Multiple server shutdown
      The shutdown program will broadcast mains failure messages via an IP (Internet Protocol) packet and perform automatic shutdown on several servers operating with different operating systems.
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