• Excel - SC SIMP Singlemode Hot Melt Connector White Boot


Excel - SC SIMP Singlemode Hot Melt Connector White Boot
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    • Description
      The 3M Hot Melt termination system is renowned worldwide for its consistency, ease of use and high performance. A wide range of connectors are available each pre loaded with adhesive which is activated when inserted into the specifcially designed Hot Melt ovens. Users new to fibre termination may purchase a kit which contains both cable preparation tools as well as the Hot Melt specific accessories such as the oven and connector holders
    • Features
    • Used to position the connector within the oven. Those users with fibre preparation tools need only purchase a Hot Melt conversion kit which contains all of the Hot Melt specific equipment required to start using this industry leading termination method.
    • Quick, clean and easy to use, terminated in less than 4 minutes
    • Consistent high performance
    • Choice of connector types
    • Wide range of accessories

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