• Ncomputing


Ncomputing X350 Desktop Virtualization
  • Key Features
    • A turn-key solution for up to 11 users per PC.
      The X-series direct connect, desktop virtualization kits enable up to 11 eleven users to simultaneously share a single PC at a fraction of the cost of a typical PC. Each user enjoys their own virtual workspace complete with their own applications, settings, files and preferences providing each user with a rich PC experience.
    • Easy to Install
      With each kit including vSpace Server desktop virtualization software, a PCI card and client access devices, set up is simple and easy.
    • Powerful and Flexible
      Software applications run simultaneously and independently on each virtual desktop. The access devices are small, silent and mount on the back of the monitor giving each user a rich Windows or Linux experience enjoying multimedia with sound and full-motion video.
    • Economical and Efficient
      Share one PC with up to 11 users and lower your computer hardware and support costs by up to 75%.
    • Green and Clean
      Uses only 1 watt of energy per user, and weighing in at just a few ounces, greatly reduces your e-waste.
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