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Noyafa NF-611 Continuity HDMI Cable Tester Tool Master Remote
  • Key Features
    • Noyafa NF-611 HDMI Cable Meter with adjustable test modes: fast & slow scan & manual test for step by step.
    • Fast and accurate verification with type A - A, A - C and C - C connectors.
    • Check miswires, short, open and cross status of HDMI cables.
    • Mapping continuity and proper configuration.
    • Displays 19 pin-to-pin and shield connection status on both main and remote unit.
    • Adjustable test modes:Fast/slow scan/manual test for step by step.
    • Design with loopback function.
    • 4 lights will be flashing when start PoE test.
    • Slow and fast test switch.