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Ncomputing Vspace Pro Client Desktop Virtualization
  • Key Features
    • vSpace® Pro Client for Windows® and Chromebook™
      Bring a modern Windows desktop to your existing PC or Chromebook deployments with vSpace Pro Client. Once installed, connect to your vSpace Server and enjoy a secure, modern Windows desktop without the expense of switching or upgrading hardware. vSpace Client provides a high-performance PC experience to Chromebooks and PCs. Schools and businesses can leverage new investments in affordable Chromebooks, utilize existing PCs or bring their own devices in a secure, fully managed computing solution for all their Windows applications.
    • Access virtual desktops from any PC or Chromebook from anywhere with a LAN or WiFi connection
    • Increase the functionality and value of existing technology
    • Deliver a secure and seamless Windows desktop environment for all users, regardless of device
    • Reduce administration, upgrade and replacement costs
    • Enable schools and businesses to support a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policy
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