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Noyafa NF-822 Underground Cable Locator 0-0.3m Depth Cable Length
  • Key Features
    • Noyafa NF-822 underground cable locator 0-0.3m depth cable length tester 1000m for High voltage wire detecting
    • The detection range is 0-0.3m deep and cable length 1000m for SCAN.
    • Locate the underground cable route and towards.
    • The transmitting and receiving power can be adjust according to the actual situation.
    • The emitter with large capacity lithium battery, can be used rechargeable.
    • Tone Generator signal strength can be adjusted from (0 ~ 0.3 m).
    • Scan single cable, 2 core and multiple core wire.
    • Amplifier probe signal has a light intensity and power light color to remind.